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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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july 22nd, 2011. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. we will be back tomorrow for weekend fox report. the factor starts now. captions by closed captioning services >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening. we want to get right to the story. the top story, of course, is president obama wants more of your money and he says now that bill o'reilly agrees with him? well, in an op. editor "u.s.a. today" the president once again demanded tax increases on the so-called rich as part of any compromise. and mr. obama claimed that bill o'reilly supports his vision saying, quote: a balanced deficit deal that includes some new revenues isn't just a democratic position, it's a position that has been taken by
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everyone from warren buffet to bill o'reilly is that actually true? joining us now by phone bill o'reilly who is supposed to be taking a well-deserved day off today. hi, bill. >> >> bill: just when they thought i was out, they dragged me back in. you know. that op. ed is disingenuous. everybody knows who watches the factor that i don't want any increase in the federal income tax. everybody knows that we have said it a million times, all right? what i would like is tax reform overhaul, a flat tax and perhaps a national sales tax to tap into the $1 trillion in the underground economy that isn't taxed. so revenue enhancement i am for but not for raising income tax levels and the president, of course, doesn't explain that. he is just trying to say that he is being reasonable guys like
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warren warren buffett and i agree. he is making mistakes. >> laura: the "the washington post" had a big front pager. apparently everybody from dianne feinstein, barbara were reportedly really upset and demanding answers from the top guy there jack lou on what this deal is w. boehner saying wait a second. >> you may be about to sell us out here. the democrats actually could, some are thinking, be the ones to scuttle any deal in the senate because of cuts, actually. >> bill: well, and this is the president's major mistake. he is not articulated to anybody what his vision is for getting out of this debt jam. let's be really simple because i'm a simple guy as you know, laura. first thing is under president obama we are now running up a debt at $4 billion a day.
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all right? nobody has ever come close in the history of this country to spending this much money $4 billion every single day is added to the debt. that's on the president's plate. he can make excuses for it he can do a little dance, but that is the fact, jack. so now the president has to say here's how i'm going it get the debt down, exactly he won't say it not only are republicans fearous about the democrats are getting fearous. that is the president's big deficit. >> right now there is this debate you and i talked about it last night about who is being more unreasonable here. i as it thinking about leverage today. when any of us are in negotiations whether it's contract negotiations or you want to get a house, try to get the best leverage. you can argue that both sides want to get as much as they can out of the other side, including the tea party who, let's face it, if it weren't for the tea party we wouldn't be having this discussion about money coming in and money going out at all. i think the tea party.
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>> bill: we had a very robust lively discussion last night and that was my major point that the tea party has done good job in bringing the issue to the crisis point of where it is now. but it's time for the tea party to absolutely take a hard look at what's happening. and i would point to a fox news poll. leaders in washington failed to reach an agreement on the debt limit. who is to blame? president obama or congressional republicans? president obama 32% congressional republicans 47%. when you have that kind and this is a fox news poll, when you have that kind of result, then the tea party and the republican have to say you know what? they are right and i do believe they are but we are not selling it. we're not is selling it because most reference don't understand why we're right.
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so instead of being pig-headed and saying i'm not going to compromise no matter what, you go out there and you say we're reasonable people. let's see your plan, mr. president, and we'll discuss it that is my major point. >> laura: one thing is in negotiations you don't show all your cards. >> michele bachmann who i respect i like. she came on the factor and said absolutely not voting for the debt ceiling rise, no matter what. and there are a number of tea party adhererents who support that position. just saying it's my way or the highway. if it's the highway it's going to hurt the country. >> laura: maybe you could argue though bill because the tea party has maintained a prettiy, you know, hard line on what they won't accept obama maybe moved a little bit closer to where they are, we will see. >> bill: that's probably true. but now is the time for the tea
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party and the republican party and i know you have boehner coming on next, okay? to say we are reasonable people. look, the war is a long war to get the country under control. it's not going to be one won just on this issue. but hearts and minds will be persuaded if the republican party and the tea party say we are reasonable people. we are willing to listen. >> laura: 60% of the fox news respondents also say they are against the debt ceiling vote. the other poll sews that 66% are in favor of a balance budget amendment being part of this deal. >> bill: everybody should be 100%. the position that i took, i just want factor viewers to understand. this is the same position that charles krauthammer has taken, john -- brit hume, senator coburn, larry cudlow, the list goes on and on and on and on, we are all in this to make the country stronger. >> laura: that's for sure. >> bill: stronger country. >> laura: country first, always.
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>> bill: country first. and i think that the republicans and the tea party have the stronger argument. don't lose it by being unreasonable. >> laura: all right. i'm going to follow up with boehner about that point. the speaker is going to be with us. bill, thanks so much. >> bill: good luck, laura. >> laura: thanks so much. john boehner the house speaker will be here to give us the latest on his negotiations with president obama. and then james rosen, carl cameron have new information for us. but what's happening behind closed doors in washington? they will be here as well. right back. so, what are we going to do with this?
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>> i'm not suggesting that we had an agreement that was signed, sealed, and delivered. the parties were still apart as recently as yesterday. but when you look at the overall package, there is no changing of the goal post here. >> let me just say that the white house moved the goal post. there was annual agreement on some additional revenues. until yesterday when the president demanded 400 billion-dollars more, which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> chris: this is a fox news alert. i'm chris wallace breaking into the o'reilly factor to bring you special coverage from washington. as she mentioned, laura did
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speak with house speaker john boehner this afternoon but that was before he walked out of debt talks with the president so, instead of showing you that interview which is now out of date we're going to report on what happened once the talks collapsed. president obama came into the white house briefing room around 6:00 p.m. tonight and held an extraordinary press conference. he detailed a plan that he said he was working on with speaker boehner that included $1.6 trillion in spending cuts, including talks to entitlements as well as $1.2 trillion in new revenue. he said that boehner had walked out of the talks because of the demand for new revenue he attacked house republicans saying can't they say yes to anything and that he hasn't, quote, seen the capacity of house republicans to make tough decisions. the president said he was calling congressional leaders of both parties to the white house at 11:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow to discuss how to avoid the country going into default. then at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, house speaker boehner responded in the house gallery he said he
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will come to those meetings at the white house tomorrow but he explained that the president, as you just heard, he said the president moved the goal post on him, something that the president denies. boehner said they had a deal for $800 billion in more revenue but that yesterday the president demanded another 400 billion and boehner said that he has confidence in congressional leaders and that he, quote, trusted the president but the emphasis was on the past tense. joining me now is wendell goler at the white house and chief washington correspondent james rosen. we will talk to both of them about this evening's talking extraordinary developments. let me start first of all with you, wendell. any talk from the white house after the president's briefing about what they hoped to get accomplished to avoid a default this weekend starting at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow when the president meets with congressional leaders now that trust and confidence has so broken down between the president and the speaker. >> only that the president, chris, insists that republicans, that members of congress, i should say, come to him with a
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plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the president said he had offered speaker boehner a plan with deeper plants than those contained in the crafted in the bipartisan senate group known as the gang of six. he insisted it contain enough revenue to contain social security and medicaid. not put the whole burden as he put it on ordinary americans who he said know they are getting a raw deal and are angry about it. he said the question is what republicans can say yes to. suggesting speaker boehner is having trouble controlling tea party members hot president said aren't even willing to acknowledge the danger of a u.s. default. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> chris: about this difference between the 800 billion and the 400 billion, this was a big issue in both press conferences because the president was specifically asked about the republican claim that they had moved the goal post and he flatly denied it.
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in fact, he said, and let me look at this, he said will do a tick tock which basically means we are going to run you through who said what when. we'll go through all the paper. we walk you through this process, you know, what this came down to was it didn't seem to be a capacity to say yes. he said that and it gets very particular nickel that there was hundred billion dollars in baseline but they made it clear the president said, they made it clear to republicans that wasn't going to be enough. there was going to have to be more. he said we did not move the goal post. has there been any attempt to show and because there are two sides to this story, has there been any attempt by the white house to show that they were always calling for 1.2 trillion and that when the speaker claims that they moved the goal post, that's not true? >> i'm not sure if there has been, criminals. i'm not sure, one, that the inference is that they have always been calling for 1.2 trillion. but, also, i have been out here standing at the live shot position talking with you pretty much since then, chris. so, if they have provided the
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details, they haven't made them available to me. >> chris: let's bring in james rosen. james, have you gotten any more background on this difference between the 800 billion and the 400 billion? and i suppose in the end it doesn't really matter. the fact is they are disagreeing about it. you have always been looking into the question of default and what happens. and it seems frankly more likely now than ever that this country might go past the august 2nd deadline and go into default. >> right, as have you been noting, chris, president obama mentioned in his news conference that he has been consulting with the treasury secretary. timothy geithner about what course of action they would take if, indeed, august 2nd comes and goes without the debt ceiling of 14.2 trillion being raised somehow. and, of course, our own studies and those of the bipartisan policy center show that the country in the month of august would run about $160 billion short of all of its bills. everyone agrees that the first set of bills that would get paid would be our creditors. the debt, our interest on our debt whether they are chinese held or saudi's held because the
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consequences of defaulting on that debt are too catastrophic to even contemplate. then would come social security. a big wave of payments about 23 billion and so on. obviously some things would not get funded in this country that typically do. what was interesting to hear what from speaker boehner today, chris, in that interview with laura ingraham, earlier today, around 4:00 p.m. eastern time, he was asked about the fact that wednesday would really mark the deadline if they were going to have votes in congress on this issue, that they would have to get their act together because that's when they would need to secure cloture and all the other parliamentary procedure they would need to hold votes. did he think they could craft a deal before wednesday and the speaker said it's only friday. he also said that he will attend as you mentioned tomorrow's session at the white house. he does not believe that his relationship with president obama has been permanently damaged. but he did say that it has been the republicans who have been all along pushing for tough spending cuts and that the white house has avoided every effort to make tough decisions about those spending cuts.
5:18 pm
he also told laura ingraham that having been in that room at the white house he called it like two people who are from different planets who don't even speak the same language. of course, chris, you were watching both sets the press conferences just now this evening. it's hard to deny that the two men appear, indeed, to be living in alternate realities. >> chris: let me ask you real quickly. only got a few segments left in this segment, james, you had the advantage of seeing the boehner interview with laura ingraham. he gave no indication during this interview that those talks were breaking down. >> no. laura ingraham did ask to her credit have you spoken with the president today he said no, flatly. we did hear the president say that he couldn't get his phone call returned. >> chris: now we know why. james rosen, wendell goler, thanks so much. we will have much more on the debt negotiations with our breaking news panel right after the break. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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>> chris: and we continue our fox news alert. again, the deficit talks between the president and speaker boehner have broken down. the president has summoned congressional leaders at the white house at 11:00 eastern tomorrow to find some way out of default. let's go over tonight's remarkable developments now with our panel, steve hayes of "the weekly standard." charles lane from "the washington post. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, let me start with you. as the day began, there were three possible solutions out there. one was cut, cap, and balance that basically the idea of a balanced budget amendment. the senate, senate democrats defeated that today without even actually having a vote on it. they tabled it. the other was the grand bargain. that seems to have collapsed. so the only thing that's out there at this moment seems to be some version of the mcconnell plan, the so-called plan b,
5:23 pm
which would give the president the ability but also the political responsibility for basically increasing the debt limit without, perhaps, any spending cuts. certainly not an amount equal to the two and a half trillion he is asking for. where do they go starting tomorrow? >> well, it's a good question. i don't think there is support for the mcconnell plan in the house of representatives on the republican side. i don't think they have the votes to pass. >> chris: it would raise the debt limit without a spending cut. >> no guaranteed spending cuts. mitch mcconnell said as much when he laid it out in his press conference. there is not much we can do about the spending cuts. we can't guarantee that they will actually be implemented. i think what you will actually see tomorrow having spoke to several aids close to john boehner several minutes ago republicans turning to basically what they had said at the beginning. we want spending cuts greater than the debt ceiling increase and we don't want new taxes. anything else was on the table. boehner had said in his remarks earlier tonight that he was
5:24 pm
ruling out a short-term increase. i'm told that it may not be off the table entirely. they would be willing to look at that, in part, because of problems that they will have creating legislation in the next couple of days. they are going to use -- i think they are going to draw from the biden talks. that's where the talks are likely to come from. they will have to do this very quickly if they are not going to resort to some short-term extension or raising of the debt ceiling. >> chris: charles lane, the problem with that, of course, is if they insist just on spending cuts, the president has made it just as clear as the presidents that they only want spending cuts that he won't accept that there has to be a balance. how do you resolve the irmovable object in the forest. >> members in the senate would stand in the way of something like that. i'm a little stunned to hear what steve is saying that the republican position has become because it doesn't sound like a position thatted would lead
5:25 pm
toward a compromise. i thought the more positive direction to get this patched up was the mcconnell plan b with the 1.5 trillion spending cuts that he had seemed to be working out with harry reid plus a discussion later on all vaguely modeled on gang of six. but, if that's going to fly, it would require votes in the house and a lot of them would probably have to come from democrats and maybe boehner could round up a few republicans. very uncertain. >> chris: charles, and we knew this was going to happen a senior white house official is being purported by reuters news service tonight there is a quote, very real prospect that the america's debt credit rating will be downgraded. so they are beginning to raise the default flag. >> this is all about optics. it's all about a maneuver to make the blame fall on the republicans. that's why the president spoke as he did, was sort of imperialist anger and extraordinary conference he held
5:26 pm
an hour or two ago. and the presidents, i think, have completely misplayed the optics. they have now twice been seen as walking out, as being unreasonable. cantor walking out a couple of weeks ago and now boehner is the one who left as obama said at -- left obama at the altar. this is after the speaker himself had said in the earlier round of negotiations that negotiating with obama is like negotiating with jell-o and, yet, he returned for a second yellow round i think republicans have to be extremely aware of optics now. two choices, accepting mcconnell which is simply a parachute out of this dilemma. punts everything until next year and the people will decide in the election. you raise the debt ceiling and nothing happens until election day. the other option is the one that i think steve has talked about. a plan according to what the republicans have wanted, cuts only and increase in the ceiling that matches the cuts.
5:27 pm
the reason they have to go short on this because if you are going to speak about 2.5 trillion in cuts. it's going to look unreasonable. you want to look reasonable because how the american people decide who is at fault will hinge on reasonableness. i would recommend a smaller raising the limits, say half a trillion so the cuts look reasonable. and that gives you about half a year to further negotiations to work on tax reform. >> chris: we're go to run out of time. the optics you talk about according to the polls most people do not want to see just spending cuts. so if republicans insist on that, is a a problem for you? >> it depends on the poll you choose. 60% of america do not want -- americans don't want to see a hike in the debt ceiling at all. so, you can read the polls any way you want. you have to make a reasonable proposal, cuts only, and then
5:28 pm
the president is the one who is on the defensive. will he really veto a bill like that short, simple, and clean and put us into default? i think not. >> chris: steve, this is really a mess, isn't it? >> it is total chaos. fascinating chaos but total chaos. it has real implications. the prospect of us not paying our bills or prior advertise or reorganize. the august 2nd deadline if we thought it was arbitrary before, you could have rating agencies coming out monday and making judgments that nobody wants them to make. >> chris: all right, gentlemen. we are going to have to leave this there for a special breaking news from washington. breaking into "the o'reilly factor." we will go right back to the o'reilly factor right after this break.
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tent, do the republicans have anyone who can beat president obama in 2012? according to the latest fox news
5:32 pm
poll mr. obama does not get above 50%. always a bad sign for incumbent. here is how he matches up against the g.o.p. he beats mitt romney 47% to 41%. he tops michelle backman by 11 points. tim pawlenty down 10. herman cain by 13. her man perry -- rick perry who may get into the race by 10. >> if you go back to 1960 and look at the undecided vote in all of the presidential elections in which incumbents ran, you will find that 80% of the undecided vote went to the challenger. so, unless obama can consistently raise his ratings over auto, and raise his vote share over 50, he is going to be a one-term president. >> laura: joining us now from new york kelly an conway and democratic pollster doug schoen.
5:33 pm
these numbers are kind of all other the place. i'm looking at another poll that showed that romney was tied with obama, public policy poll. yet these polls show something different even with the he economy where it is, a specific republican candidate, doug, does not fare all that well against president obama. yet, what to dick morris' point? >> i think dick makes a point that makes a lot of sense. bottom line, the president's numbers now are under 50% meaning that given that elections are refer ren da on incumbents more are against them than for him. there is plenty of time for the ratings to change. the reason why the president today was trying to sound a moderate course was he recognizes he needs to get the independents back 40 could put him over the top visa i have 50%. >> laura: kelly ann, "the washington post" piece diane die feinstein, john kerr are are all
5:34 pm
upset with president obama over these talks about boehner. what's in the plan you? are cutting too much. he can use that can't he, when he goes to the voters and says look, i'm triangulating. i'm moving to the middle, i'm like you. >> he could. i think his problems are deeper than that, laura. if you look at the cross tabs in the fox news poll he see that the story for obama gets worse. 40% approval rating among men and approval rating has a nexus with his electability rating right now. he has been well under 50% with the exception of a very brief bin laden bump earlier this spring. he hasn't been above 50% in his electability and his approval real in over a year since mid 2010. why is that? we all know it's because of the economy and jobs. and when you look at -- we're always told his problem is among liberals. they are mad at him and they will eventually come home. a. pp poll showed a cross over advantage for romney. romney gets 13% of democrats. obama gets 9% of republicans.
5:35 pm
rosm any gets 11% of people who voted for obama in 2008. it's really oversold point that it's just the liberals punishing him right now and they will come back to him. there is something else that's going on. you are are absolutely right in the old you can't beat somebody with nobody there are at loo of lot of somebodies running for president on the republican side. they all have this man under 50%. he got 53% and 56% of women. out of 40% approval for men right now he basically needs 58% or 60% of the female vote next time. is he not anywhere near that right now. >> laura: doug, you talk to republican grass roots types there is still a lot of panic out there. when is the savior going to walk into the room? when are we going to have that person that we can say oh, it's going to be our deliverance from this -- this economic chains that we're in right now. a lot of concern among republicans even with that below 50% level. >> two points, laura. first, the savior in the form of
5:36 pm
rick perry may be coming in the next month or so. that's one alternative. and chris christie at least from what i read is denying that he is going to run but could well surface if his numbers continue to improve. but the larger point, i think, is one that bears underscoring u the economy as kelly ann said is a mill stone around the president's neck, politically. he has got to get to the center. he can't afford to lose his liberal base because if the party divides, the president will look weak and impotent. so he has got a delicate balancing act which he is trying to go through but on balance, he hasn't been successful, he desperately needs a deal. given what we heard from john boehner, there is no short-term relief in sight. >> laura: kelly anne if this issue of debt ceiling spending, government takes in more money than it -- spends in more money than it takes in every single month. borrowing, borrowing, borrowing
5:37 pm
other money from china and other countries that helps to keep that front and center. obama wants that off the table. he wants a grand deal that can be scuttled. >> he needs it off the table. we are stuck in the 2010 issues agenda which as we can appreciate really benefited the republicans, the tea party and the conservative candidates. we haven't moved past that. in fact, the numbers are gotten worse. the debt is higher. the debt ceiling has not been raised and may not be raised. it doesn't seem as the speaker mentioned on your program tonight, laura, that the president is willing to make the sacrifice that he is asking us to make to reduce our spending. a lot of analysis to obama's approval rating to what reagan's was in 1983. the analysis falls apart when you realize how many jobs were created in 1983 and the re-election in 1984 when they won handily. there was analysis done that obama would have to create about
5:38 pm
244,000 jobs a month between now and next year. >> laura: that's not going to happen. >> that's not going to happen and economists -- >> what's going to happen, laura, is going to be a vicious negative campaign from a president who is going to raise between 750 and a billion dollars because he can't make a positive argument but just wait. you are going to see a tough, tough negative campaign of a type we probably haven't seen before. >> more optimistic candidate. i think that will fail. >> time will tell. >> laura: sunny versus the darkness. doug and kelly anne. thank you. some say that michele bachmann may not be qualified to be president because she gets bad headaches? is that fair? we will give you the medical facts up next. and save $1000s during the tracker model year clearance.
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5:42 pm
to be assured that their president will be in good health. we rely on the media to give us accurate information so we can make an informed decision. earlier this week it was reported that michele bachmann sometimes has migraine headaches. here is how the press told the story. >> presidential headache her own family now wondering if high heels could really be causing candidate michelle michele bachmann an agonizing headaches. >> it goes to the heart of her ability to serve. and her condition may not be a problem or it may be a big problem. that's why she has to come clean. >> laura: that gave me a headache. so, is this a legitimate health or is the media raising questions about mrs. bachmann because they don't like her or perhaps because she is a woman? joining us now from new york fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel, the author of the book "the interpuls unlocking the secret code of sickness and health."
5:43 pm
you have to give us the secret code here. because i'm hearing that stuff and i get mad for her because i think it is so ridiculous. what was done, what was said, and how it was said about her, a woman, and migraine. tell us what we need to know even though you haven't personally examined her. >> laura, the secret code here is that these are all nondoctors and they say i'm not a doctor, but -- you know, i'm congresswoman bachmann can do to treat her migraines. it's really a disgrace that the media is actually targeting. this i believe it's sexist. i think it's very problematic when you consider that president obama himself a long time
5:44 pm
smoking history. where is the dismandz he gets a cardiac workup. president bill clinton when he was in the white house eating junk food. i interviewed his heart doctor after his surgery how long did he have this. >> many years his core coronaries were clogged. nobody was saying he can't eat junk food. why bachmann? she is a woman. >> laura: raising the issue of menopause. you could hear the collective scream from women across the united states, how dare you go down this road? it was always kind of intimated and implied and a lot of these is that correct j little commence. i think that even tim pawlenty who made some very broad comment about well we need people who can, basically live up to the grind and be president, you know, in any challenge. he even later on said well, look, i have never seen michele bachmann have any problems and i don't think this is an issue. so, maybe he stepped toward talking about it then he took
5:45 pm
two steps back real quick. >> because it got so out of control, laura. i mean, look, migraines are very common. she is working as a congresswoman. she is an attorney. there is no evidence that she has had any problems with this on a regular basis. you know, why are they making all of these conclusions? she probably is getting treatment for these migraines. you know, we have much more serious issues to worry about than this. this is a deliberate attempt to assassinate her character and undermine her candidacy. you know, you have mentioned this type of thing before. i think this is, you know, a left wing attack, frankly. it got a lot of media attention. there is no evidence whatsoever that it's of a medical concern. we need the medical facts here. the medical facts are especially now, laura, migraines are very easily treatable. using botox for migraines and medications we didn't have before. >> laura: added benefit. wrinkle treatment and no migraine. >> latest study it works. you can take magnesium. diet supplements. you need a top neurologist to treat.
5:46 pm
this but. >> laura: this is. >> almost all of the time it is completely functional disease. nothing to worry about. >> laura: i was surprised that anyone had advised someone like a tim pawlenty who is such a nice person who even kind of touch that because women, every woman i talk, to democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, were outraged that this was raised. people don't each like michele bachmann felt bad for her. maybe in the end maybe it's not a bad thing for her. unfortunate nevertheless. >> laura, i would like to see more of an outcry from liberal women on this. we're not seeing enough. this is getting far too much media attention. we should put it to bed right now. >> laura: thank you for helping us do that tonight. a big legal victory for the folks who want to build the ground zero mosque. bill spoke with the attorney representing the mosque developers. that debate is moments away. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
5:47 pm
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lure lawyer in the back of the book segment tonight, two deadly terror attacks in norway in what appears to be the work, once again,ful muslim extremist. in oslo today which is where the nobel prize is awarded at least one bomb exploded ripping apart buildings including the prime minister's office killing at least seven and injuring 15. shortly afterwards a gunman disguised as a police officer opened fire at a children's camp nearby. authorities say as many as 10 people were killed in the shooting. the man arrested in that incident has been linked to the bombing in oslo. in the meantime, in new york city, the muslims who want to build the mosque at ground zero recently scored a huge legal victory a manhattan judge dismissed a lawsuit by former new york city firefighter timothy brown who was trying to stop construction of the mosque. bill o'reilly spoke with the lawyer for the muslim developers yesterday. >> all right, counselor, you won the case and what's going to happen now? what's next? >> it's time to build.
5:51 pm
and now that we have won the case, we have to demolish the existing building which was formerly the burlington coat factory. permits to do so. >> bill: how much is that going to cost to knock that building down. >> a lot of money we don't have enough right now. >> bill: demolish. >> we have enough to demolish the building. >> bill: you have enough to knock the building down but not build the mosque center the community center, correct? >> yet. >> you must know that i predicted that will never be built. >> right. >> bill: because i don't believe there is a construction crew in new york or new jersey that will come over and help you build it? >> you don't live in my community where i work where there is a whole bunch of people, muslims, non-muslims, americans, that need a community center. they want a place to have a swimming pool. >> bill: i'm not doubting they might need whatever they need. you don't have anybody who is going to pick up a hammer and build it the unions aren't going to build. >> it i think believers in the first eamentd will be happy to pick up hammers and start working. >> bill: no way. not going to be happy to pick up hammers and stop working.
5:52 pm
how much money -- i could be wrong. you are not going to get this thing built because nobody is going to build it. how much money do you need to put the thing up. >> we believe it's $17 million. >> bill: 17. that's low. with all the stuff that's a low estimate. i think you need about 30 down there, right? how high is it going to be? >> it's about eight stories. i'm not so sure. >> bill: 17 for eight stories? come on. are you going to gom to home depot? >> i'm not the architect. >> bill: 17 million. >> probably much more dealing with all the protests. deal with union problems. >> bill: going to be 50 million if it's a blink of an eye. >> most importantly for our constitution. the freedom of religion. we now have thanks to the court decision. >> bill: you got 100 mosques in new york city. you could build it three blocks away and you already have it up. >> why go the three blocks away. >> bill: it's offensive to people. >> 16 terrorists that had something to do with the world trade center and america's calamity on that day. i sympathize with all the victims and their families.
5:53 pm
>> bill: 19. >> 19. 1.6 billion muslims. should we not allow them to find a place where they want to pray. >> bill: benny hanna and pearl harr harbor. >> that's different. the state of japan decided they wanted to go against america. this is 19 people. >> bill: attack by a terrorist group that has way more than 19 people. harbored by an entire country. afghanistan. >> not my clients who have no relation. no one has alleged that my clients have any relationship to terrorism. >> bill: if your clients were really sensitive to the sufferings of the 9/11 family they would move it three blocks away. >> how many blocks is enough? is three enough? take it back to my ancestor in nazi germany. >> bill: stop stop stop. >> foundries, ghettos. >> bill: i will get a site for you three blocks away. will you build it there? >> why? they have a place. >> bill: sensitive to people who lost loved ones. >> what about the community nearby who wants. >> bill: they can't walk three blocks? >> why.
5:54 pm
>> bill: because it's offensive. >> it's not al qaeda mosque a muslim mosque. 1.6 million muslims that are peaceful. that have nothing to do. >> bill: if i can find you a site three blocks away and say i'm not going to do it. people know you have an agenda, period. >> don't you as someone who stands up every day for the first amendment and freedom of religion want them to build something where they want to pray and how they want to pray? >> bill: don't build it in that spot. be a little bit more sensitive to the 9/11 families. that's all. >> i don't understand the sensitivity. >> bill: i know you don't. i can't make you understand it? >> i don't understand the sense -- i understand the sensitivity for the victims and what happened that day. i don't understand the sensitivity why we should punish all muslims. >> bill: if you don't understand the sensitivity point to one thing. they will going to build a catholic convict outside of auschwitz. it got up to the pope. the pope said i don't think we are going to do it. we are going to leave it because of the sensitivity of that zone we are not going to put the convent. >> there is no connection between my clients or most of the -- or one fifth of our
5:55 pm
people in this world. >> bill: that's true. >> to al qaeda or the terrorism. >> bill: you should take into account the sensitivity factor. >> we have. we are making it a community center for all religions. going to be prayer services for all religions involved. >> bill: you are going to knock the thing down but you don't have enough money to knock it down yet and you will try to build and you need about auto, 60 million. >> knocking the place down doesn't cost a lot of money. building it does. >> bill: thank you for coming in and taking the fire. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> laura: pinheads and patriots is next tonight featuring update on ongoing feud with the raunchy rapper chris brown. p and p moments away. can i have some ice cream, please ?
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mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the e-class. ♪ >> laura: finally, pinheads and patriots. in my new book, i write in part about the thugs who are debasing american culture. rappers are at the top of that lift. last book i took nbc to task forgiving a platform to chris brown. i spoke with o'reilly about it last night. we decided to take on the nbc's showcasing chris brown. he's a hugely popular recording artist, we know that. i think it is a useful conversation especially talking about culture to look at what his: music represents, a couple years after he beat up his girlfriend rihanna. the feud began last week when i called out nbc and chris brown. after he and thug rapper 50
5:59 pm
cent and their followers, thousands unleashed nasty profane messages on twitter. now chris brown may want to make nice. yesterday he tweeted me saying, much love and respect to you and all that you do in your life. then he said, when you make a mistake in life i hope you have people to uplift and support you for trying to be better. the answer is, i do. my question is, is he sincere in his remarks?x i'm going to let you make the call on whether they were pinheaded or patriotic. please check out we only have a few navy seal shirts left. you become a premium member and get one for free. if you want information on the tour check out please follow me on facebook, sign up for twitter. pick up a copy of my "new york times" best seller "of


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